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E-Fit training

  • Do you not have time? Are you always in a hurry? With E-Fit’s 20-minute full-body training you can easily get yourself in shape. In case you have missed an occasion or if you just cannot predict when you will be able to come, provided that you have a valid membership card, you can book your session in our online calendar using the E-Fit mobile application.


  • Are you suffering from back or lower back pains? Regular use of E-Fit eliminates the back problems caused by wrong body posture or working in a sitting position. The beneficial effects show as early as after up to 5 sessions. It is possible to specifically target the back muscles and to treat back pains with and with special settings and the unique design of the Spinal Jacket – which is only available at E-Fit.


  • Would you like toned, shapely muscles? E-Fit improves the tonicity of the muscles, which you will experience on yourself in a very short time. Stimulation works on all muscle fibers so we can easily develop the otherwise difficult muscle groups. Regular use of E-Fit gives you strong, well-defined musces.

Cardio training combined with E-Fit

You want to lose weight, but do not like doing long cardios?

E-Fit has also come up with a solution to this: cardio training on an elliptical trainer combined with electric muscle stimulation! During training, the special clothing stimulates difficult areas such as abdomen, buttocks, thighs and calves, which are ‘seasoned’ with interval cardio training. On the E-Fit machine, the different settings are always adjusted to your fitness level, thus increasing the effect you are aiming for.

  • 30-minute interval training program for better results
  • Special clothing that covers the hard-to shape body parts
  • Adapted settings according to level of ftness
  • Lymphatic circulation enhancement.
  • Cellulite treatment

Come and try our interval cardio training in just 30 minutes!


E-Fit Beauty&Slim

E-Fit Beauty & Slim combines electrical muscle stimulation with thermal therapy. Controlled thermotherapy shows significant positive results in the field of weight control. The metabolic activity and circulation of the local tissues increase due to the heat effect. Thermotherapy helps in fighting against cellulite, toning and relaxing muscles, tightening of the skin and gives aid in relieving acute muscular pains.


Prior to all training sessions we carry out a health check, where we take notes of the body size data and measure the body composition. We will do this every 2-3 months and will keep track of the changes in your quantified self!

Why is it important to measure the composition of the body?

The human body consists of four components: full body water content, protein, minerals and fat. The ratio between the four components is closely related to health. Body Composition Analysis takes into account the components that make up the body and provides basic information about our body condition. The result of the analysis is the basis for proper physical activity, diet and body shaping programs aiming to improve lifestyle. It is also useful because it warns of predisposing factors to various diseases.

Slim is not always healthy

The shape of our body is determined by its fat free mass. Being a certain weight does not necessarily mean fitness and good condition. As for the wonderful body, it is a balanced ratio between fat-free body mass and fat mass. When you are dieting, the amount and ratio of each ingredient in your body vary with your body weight. Because muscle is heavier than fat of the same volume, a muscular person looks thinner. Although it may be very important, the body weight alone is not the sure sign of good health, because it does not indicate how many kilograms of fat and how many kilograms of fat-free weight the body contains. Therefore, it’s the body composition that is important, not the body weight.

A well-balanced ratio between components is a prime health indicator. If this balance is disrupted, obesity, malnutrition, watering (edema) and osteoporosis may occur. With regular exercise, healthy, balanced diet and the latest body shaping processes, it is possible to maintain the desired proportion of fat and fat-free weight.

How does the body composition analyzer work?

The InBody Multifrequency Precision Body Composition Analyzer works on the BIOIMPEDANCIA principle. It provides basic information for setting up a health and obesity diagnosis. The body is devided into 5 segments: 4 limbs and a trunk. It does not use an empirical (population-specific) estimate to compensate for inaccuracies but guarantees real measurement data.

What should you be careful with prior to a body composition analysis?

  • Do not perform any physical exercise or implement any other physical task before the test. Having done physical activity causes temporary changes in your body composition.
  • Do not eat directly before measuring. If you ate before the test, please wait 2 hours for digestion to take place.
  • It’s advisable that the measurements are carried out in the morning. By the afternoon, after a busy day, more body water will accumulate in the lower part of the body and its distribution will be uneven.
  • Measurements are not recommended to be taken during the menstrual period because the water content of the ladies body is higher.


WIWE – 1-minute ECG test

We test your heart functions with Wiwe mobile ECG device to avoid hidden heart diseases.

  • ECG parameters
  • Arrhythmia, stroke and sudden cardiac arrest risk assessment
  • Blood-oxygen level
  • Recommended by cardiologists
  • It has a CE mark in medical device category
  • Instant evaluation with 98.69% accuracy
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