E-Fit Personal Training

In line with electric muscle stimulation, we do simple gymnastics and strengthening exercises in E-Fit technical wear, so muscle development and fat burning are ten times more effective than using the two things separately. The essence of E-Fit workout efficiency is the simultaneous stimulation of the whole body. All muscle groups are trained simultaneously, therefore an average exercise time is reduced to sixth. Active exercise combined with whole body Electrical Muscle Stimulation (WB-EMS), in which individual sections can be trained with different intensity, involving 80% of total skeletal muscle mass. When stimulated and trained, nearly 36.000 contractions can be generated in 20 minutes.
E-Fit is just for you!

As well as bringing yourself to the best of your own custom and performance. So if you’d rather avoid crowded, noisy gyms, because you feel better in a clean environment in a luxurious environment, but with a variety of workouts, maximum care and professional guidance, E-Fit is the perfect choice!

What does E-Fit provide for you?

What you need, that is, personalized, varied workouts. During the training sessions, we are only working with YOU, but if you want company you can train with your friend/girlfriend, E-Fit Dual Trainer can perfect solution for that!