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EMS Technology


EMS Technology

EMS technology

The E-Fit team has developed a number of unique solutions that made safe both the EMS trainings and treatments for up to 12-channel devices. The essence of the technology is to reduce the strengh of electric load reaching the human body while maintaining its stimulating effect on the muscles. The solution to this problem was the development of IST (Impulse-Shift Technology), improved by E-Fit engineers through a lengthy research. Several clinical studies have proved that the newly developed technology can indeed achieve the same results as conventional devices, operating on galvanically-separated channels, and in many ways even outperform their favorable effects. The essence of IST (Impulse-Shift Technology) technology is that it staggers the impulses generated by the individual channels in time, in other words, at one point in any given moment stimulation only occurs at just one point in the human body. The main benefit of this is that the cross pulses occuring between the possible pairs of channels can be eliminated and the carefully selected staggering frequency allows that this time shift between the muscles remains unnoticed by the user. Another great advantage is that the power requirement and the output performance of the whole device can be reduced to the fraction and the electric current transmitted to the human body – even through all the 12 channels at the time – equals the power of only one channel. In other words, the total output performance of the device, operating at peak level, is maximum 3.5 Watts. Taking into account the impulse peaks and the intervals between them – with its real output performance of no more than 0.06Watt RMS, is unique among the similar devices on the market.

Impulse – Shift Technology

One of the main barriers to the widespread of the whole body muscle stimulation to date is partially due to the previously used silicon and metal based electrode technology and its requirements of electrode gel or gel, which were also needed to properly convey impulses to avoid skin irritation. However, E-Fit has also found a solution to this problem by inventing FCPE electrodes which do not require the use of any gels or jellies as intermediates, all that is needed is the surface of electrodes must be damped with clean water. The electrodes are sufficiently flexible to take the shape of the target body and muscle and thus are able to contact the lskin on the largest possible area. Another great benefit is that they can even be cleaned in a washing machine, easy to clean, contain no components prone to creasing, braking, oxidation or corrosion, which considerably extends their lifespan. The main characteristic of the electrodes is that their surface resistance is even throughout the skin, thus do not cause any irritation. E-Fit has developed its technical clothing in a way that the electrodes can easily be placed at the desired points and their positions can easily be modified as needed. Furthermore, the cables leading to the electrodes run in a hidden channel inside the suit thereby do not disturb or hinder the user in their movements and performance of exercises.

E-Fit engineers have designed the whole device package using easy-to repair and replaceable modular components, in order to make it easy and economical for salons and operators to operate.

For medical, rehabilitation or therapeutic purposes, multiple, simultaneously, but separately controlled channels can stimulate larger muscle groups, thereby stimulating circulatory and metabolic processes, resulting in significant improvements in the condition of an inactive patient. Thanks to the large surface and durability of the electrodes, it is economical to use and the two terminals can treat up to two patients simultaneously (e.g. a device placed between two patient beds). In addition to moving large muscle groups, in the advanced “warm-up” state, local therapy can be carried out with the use of further channels of the device. The individual electrode design (even after a template order) allows for targeted treatment. In the most commonly treated areas, such as spinal muscles, deep back muscles, biceps, triceps, thighs, and the gluteal region, there is a garment-sized electrode holder technical clothing, where electrical therapy combined with active therapy can also be carried out, which greatly improves the effectiveness of the treatment.