Areas of use

Areas of use


Areas of use


1. Leisure/hobby

In today’s busy world, in the absence of time or energy, we are becoming less aware of healthy eating and exercise. E-Fit helps in only 2 × 20 minutes a week for all those who are endeavoring to be more sporty, healthier and be conscious of their lifestyles!

2. Fitness

Fitness includes a vast amount of different techniques and methods. Any form of motion aiming to make us more attractive, more balanced and healthier, is fitness itself. Exercise is important both in younger and old age. Regular exercise enhances muscle tone, improves stamina, maintains our body and helps to avoid the mental and physical problems of obesity. If we pay attention to our lifestyles, we strenghten not just our muscles, but also our immune system.

3. Competitive sport

E-Fit already gives an excellent opportunity in the field of the top level sports, too, thanks to its specific setup options. Specially tailor-made for sports professionals, workouts can be created, where pre-programmed and scheduled motion patterns can be used with the help of electrodes fitted into the specifically designed technical clothing – individually engineered to the specific kind of sport.

4. Rehabilitation

E-Fit offers new opportunities not only in the fields of sports and the movement, but also succeeds in work rehabilitation.

The EF-1280M medical series machine is primarily used for rehabilitation after injuries and for correcting wrong body posture caused by environmental and workplace effects. In addition, it has been developed to preventively strengthen the weakened paraspinal and skeletal muscles and to treat already existing pathological conditions. Within this field, we have been aiming to create a mobile unit that can be used in a small (max 10m2) area in the working environment once or twice a week. Within 15 minutes, two people can be treated concurrently, in combination with maintenance exercises especially developed by physiotherapists.